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Day #26 -

Title: Fun in the Kitchen
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Characters: Kagami, Midorima
Rating: PG-13? I'm starting to wonder if I can even write anything explicit /brb facepalming
Words: (+/-) 872
Summary: Midorima was supposed to be helping him study - but last time Kagami checked, a good study partner didn't slap on an apron and pillage the kitchen. Midorima/Kagami.
Notes: Written thanks to sac527's suggestion for Kagami and Midorima to bake cookies/cake/goodies - which led to this, a very loose interpretation of what could have led to more ... smutty antics? Sadly, I'm just not in the mood to write smut ;; Bad day was kind of ... bleh.

He closed the distance between them and crashed their messy lips together. The cookies would have to wait, he had something to prove. And there would be nothing easy about it. )
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Day #22 -

Title: Just Ask 4
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Characters: Kise, Kuroko
Rating: PG
Words: (+/-) 1142
Summary: First dates are awkward and rarely go as planned, but a relationship has to start somewhere. Kise/Kuroko.

Chapter 1 . Chapter 2 . Chapter 3

If Aomine thought that was the end of it, he was sadly mistaken. )

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Day #17 -

Title: Just Ask 3
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Characters: Aomine, Kuroko, Kise
Rating: PG
Words: (+/-) 930
Summary: Aomine isn’t Mr. Nice Guy, but he does care about Kuroko. He just has a messed up way of showing it.

Chapter 1 . Chapter 2

The school festival was coming up, and that meant students busying themselves with preparing for the event. Aomine wasn't one of them. )
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Day #14 -

Title: Part of the Team
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Characters: Akashi, Momoi
Rating: G
Words: (+/-) 1247
Summary: Momoi didn’t have it nearly as easy as the boys when it came to joining the team.

She's suddenly glad the gym is empty. The tears fall down her cheeks without a sound, and she hates that she's crying. )
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Day #10 -

Waste Not, Want Not
Kuroko no Basket
Murasakibara Atsushi, Kuroko Tetsuya
(+/-) 523
Murasakibara likes sweet things. He likes sweet things even better when they’re on Kuroko. Murasakibara/Kuroko slash.

Usually it's Aomine who accompanies him on these little trips, but Murasakibara has followed him this time around. )
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Day #9 -

Title: Capture and Count
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Characters: Akashi, Midorima
Rating: G
Words: (+/-) 546
Summary: Midorima changes the game.

It isn't his usual shogi board and he doesn't like it. )
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It was a nice day for swimming. There was just enough wind for boogie-boarding and the water was refreshingly cool, despite it already being August. And no sea nettles where we went today! That was a big plus. I have baseball practice later this evening, but for now, I am going to sit around, listen to some music, and play catch up with some things on my to-do list. Aka, I'm going to be a bum as I thoroughly enjoy my downtime before work tomorrow.

Also, have some fandom reactions~!

For - Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, KHR, Pandora Hearts, and Kuroko no Basket. )
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Day #7 -

Title: Just Ask 2
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Characters: Aomine, Kise, Kuroko, Midorima
Rating: PG-13, boys kissing
Words: (+/-) 2413
Summary: It may not be happily ever after, but Kise will settle for once upon a time. Kise/Kuroko
Notes: Written as a sequel for Just Ask.

Kise cheerfully hummed under his breath. Today was a good day. )
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Day #4 -

Candid Camera
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Characters: Kise Ryota, Momoi Satsuki
Rating: G
Words: (+/-) 278
Summary: Momoi doesn’t like to share, but she reluctantly does so with Kise.
Notes: Written for writers_choice. Prompt #465 - camera.

He showed the picture that had caught his interest and Momoi turned a fetching shade of red when she saw it. )
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I am, in one word, a procrastinator.

Prolific doesn’t fit into my vocabulary too often, but I’ve decided to change that. And I’ll start by writing every day. Fandoms will be random, length will depend on my mood, and story content will probably be all over the place.

Day #1 -

Title: Just Ask
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Characters: Kise, Kuroko
Rating: G
Words: (+/-) 1314
Summary: Kise and Kuroko decide to have some after-practice bonding time. Or more accurately, Kise decides it.


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