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Day #26 -

Title: Fun in the Kitchen
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Characters: Kagami, Midorima
Rating: PG-13? I'm starting to wonder if I can even write anything explicit /brb facepalming
Words: (+/-) 872
Summary: Midorima was supposed to be helping him study - but last time Kagami checked, a good study partner didn't slap on an apron and pillage the kitchen. Midorima/Kagami.
Notes: Written thanks to sac527's suggestion for Kagami and Midorima to bake cookies/cake/goodies - which led to this, a very loose interpretation of what could have led to more ... smutty antics? Sadly, I'm just not in the mood to write smut ;; Bad day was kind of ... bleh.

“I invited you over to study,” Kagami groused, “not take over my kitchen.”

Midorima had even discovered his apron, which had been a gift from Alex. Needless to say, the slogan across it was the tried and true kiss the cook. He had only kept the thing because Alex would have a fit if he threw it away - and she had a sixth sense about things like that. Well, maybe it wasn’t so bad if Midorima was wearing it. At least the light green matched his eyes? Like Kagami cared. No, he didn’t notice at all. It just looked better on Midorima because at least he didn’t look like a Christmas tree while wearing it.

“I’m not taking over you kitchen,” Midorima amended. “I am merely hungry and require nourishment.”

“Uh-huh. So why are you baking cookies?” Kagami asked, dubious. “Does sugar do something for you smart people?”

Midorima stirred the liquid-like dough a little harder. “If you must know, my fortune said good things would come from making cookies at a friend’s house.”

Making a non-committal sound in the back of his throat, Kagami said, “That’s oddly specific.” Then he paused, the second half of that ‘fortune’ catching up with him. “And wait, since when were we friends?”

“Since you invited me over here to study, I assumed we were ‘friends’.” Somehow, the way Midorima said that wasn’t very ‘friendly’.

“Oh. I thought it was when we made-out behind the bleachers that one time. That’s a relief. Wouldn’t want you getting the wrong idea about that.” If Midorima wanted to be sarcastic, Kagami could be just as relentless. “Are you sure those are cookies, though?” Kagami wondered. “It looks like soup, and you’re adding all that sugar!”

“I never said I was good at making cookies,” insisted Midorima, “but all I need to do is -”

“Here,” Kagami reached around him, measuring out a cup of flour.

“I could have done that myself.” Snatching the measuring cup from Kagami’s hold, he poured the flour into his half-ready mixture and looked over the recipe. “I think I may have added too many eggs, that’s why it requires more flour.” He spared a passing glance at Kagami. “That wouldn’t have happened if you bought larger eggs.”

“Tch, but you get more for your money when you buy smaller!” defended Kagami, crossing his arms and glaring.

“You sound like a housewife,” and Midorima was smiling, curse him, “you’ll make someone very happy - as a bride.”

Growling, he pushed the other boy out of the way and rolled up his sleeves. “If you’re going to go all pre-school, insulting my pride, then I’ll show you how it’s done.”

“Oh, please. Go right ahead.” That was too easy, Kagami thought - and he made the mistake of turning to question Midorima, who had spoonful of butter at the ready. It wasn’t completely Midorima’s fault that he walked right into that one, but now his nose was twitching from the smell and his eyebrows had seen better - less butter-filled - days. This meant war.

Picking up the plastic container that housed his flour, he spun open the top. Then he threw a good portion of it right at Midorima. If he thought Midorima looked good in green, then white was even more flattering. He grinned, proud of his accomplishment, and got out his phone to take a picture.

When he went to push the camera button, however, Midorima interrupted him - an interruption in the form of a cracked egg dripping down the redhead’s furious face. Kagami pocketed his phone for safekeeping and took up the spoon Midorima had been using to mix the dough. It was still runny, but not as bad. Still, it was enough so that when he waved it around, the dough went everywhere. And by everywhere, he meant mostly Midorima (but his kitchen would need a good cleaning later, too).

“You are trying my patience,” Midorima - in his white, ghost-like outfit - was hard to take seriously, “and I refuse to continue this foolishness.”

“What, it’s not in your horoscope to loosen up and have a little fun?”

Midorima bristled, possibly insulted. “This is supposed to be fun? I’m a mess!” He gestured to his flour-coated body, which was actually kind of funny. Kagami wondered if he was offering himself up to be eaten, or if he was really that oblivious.

“Well, I know some other ways to have fun that are equally messy,” Kagami suggested, wiping egg from his face. Not clueless, Kagami decided, when Midorima took up the hose from the facet and drenched him with it. Dripping with egg and water and butter, he couldn’t help but take one last stab at his ‘study partner’, “If you wanted to see me wet, you could have waited, Midorima.”

“If I wanted just that,” Midorima surprisingly responded, “it would have been too easy.”

Kagami didn’t like how smug Midorima sounded. If Midorima wanted to see how just how easy he could be - well, he’d have to oblige.

He closed the distance between them and crashed their messy lips together. The cookies would have to wait, he had something to prove. And there would be nothing easy about it.
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