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Day #23 -

Title: Those Helpful Friends
Fandom: Natsume Yuujinchou
Characters: Nishimura, Natsume, mentions of Tanuma
Rating: G
Words: (+/-) 783
Summary: Nishimura looks up anemia and wants to help.
Notes: I decided to take a break from the multi-parts and write something silly. This was the end result. Written for a prompt over at [community profile] fic_promptly - which was, "I looked up anemia last night."

Nishimura walked into his classroom, slammed his hands down onto Natsume’s desk, and said, “I looked it up.”

Aside from a slight look of shock, Natsume was his usual self. Polite, smiling, and kind. “What did you look up?”

“Anemia!” he exclaimed, and then he excused himself to the person who happened to sitting in front of Natsume. Moving to stand beside his friend’s desk instead, he crossed his arms, his foot tapping impatiently. “Do you realize how serious that can get if you don’t look after yourself properly?”

“Um,” Natsume appeared at a loss for words, “who said I had anemia?”

Nishimura was equally confused. “You said it yourself. Yesterday. Then you ran off! I even called your house later, to make sure you were okay, but Touko-san said you weren’t home! What happened, Natsume?”

His friend glanced uneasily at his classmates, all of who were listening in. “Could we talk about this some other time?”

“We’re going to talk about it right now,” declared Nishimura. “So start talking.”

Natsume tried to hide behind a school book as he muttered, “I spent the night at Tanuma’s place.”

At that, Nishimura visibly deflated, a little less frustrated and a little more curious. “Because he has anemia too?”

“We were close to the temple he lives at,” amended Natsume, “so it was the most logical place to go.”

“I could have walked you home,” Nishimura grumbled. He finished with, “I’m starting to think you have some secret with Tanuma that you won‘t tell me!” Actually, he had already thought of that - but at the time, it had been Tanuma and Taki. 

A blushing Natsume was the last thing he expected to see, but he pretended as if he knew that would happen and pointed at his friend, crowing, “Aha, so you do have a secret with him!” By this point, the class had stopped trying to be subtle - they were outright staring.

Natsume covered his face completely with the book. “There is no secret. What secret? Class is going to start soon, by the way. You might want to take your seat.”

“We’re not done,” insisted Nishimura. “You may rely on Tanuma like your knight in shining armor, but don’t forget you have more than one friend, idiot.” He reached into his school bag and triumphantly pulled out something, exchanging Natsume’s book for his gift. “Here. Eat that if you feel faint on the way home.”

In his hands, Natsume turned over the wrapped curry bread and read the bold sticker, which said: high in iron. Bemusedly, he stated, “Thank you, I think.”

“You’re welcome,” Nishimura said proudly. He moved to take his seat next to Natsume, shrugging off his bag in the process. “We can go bike riding this afternoon, too. Exercise is good for people with anemia.”

“Oh, then maybe we should invite Tanuma along,” suggested Natsume.

Nishimura dramatically fell into seat, as if wounded. “And here I wanted it to be just the two of us!”

Chuckling, Natsume said, “That’s not fair. You can’t take care of me and not Tanuma.”

In retaliation, Nishirmura threw his hands into the air. “I give up! It’s no good without Tanuma, huh. Fine, fine, I’ll ask him after class. But only if I can ask Taki-san, too!”

Natsume turned away, smiling. “She doesn’t have anemia, though.”

“Are you sure? Here I was, suspecting that you had an anemia support group, and turns out it’s just you and Tanuma that share such an extra special bond!”

It was Nishimura’s turn to laugh. Natsume had gone pink in the face again. “People are going to get the wrong idea if you keep saying things like that.”

“What? You mean I shouldn’t say things like: you and Tanuma are tied by a red string of fate?” teased Nishimura. “Or did you mean I shouldn’t say anything about how you stare longingly into the each other's eyes?”

Natsume collapsed face-first onto his desk, groaning. His bread was squished, but he didn’t care - he would still eat it. “No wonder you don’t have a girlfriend, those were horrible lines.”

“Plenty of girls want to date me,” insisted Nishimura, scratching at his cheek, “since I don’t look like a girl and all …”

“I do not look like a girl. Why does everyone keep saying that?” Natsume raised his head back up, peeling the bread from his face. The plastic had stuck.

“Even Tanuma?” ventured Nishimura.

Natsume was spared the necessity of answering when the teacher walked in and class started.

By the smile on Nishimura’s face, however, the conversation was far from over. Next time, Natsume would know better than to run off without saying goodbye.


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