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Day #17 -

Title: Just Ask 3
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Characters: Aomine, Kuroko, Kise
Rating: PG
Words: (+/-) 930
Summary: Aomine isn’t Mr. Nice Guy, but he does care about Kuroko. He just has a messed up way of showing it.

Chapter 1 . Chapter 2

The school festival was coming up, and that meant students busying themselves with preparing for the event. Aomine wasn’t one of them. He was on the rooftop, dodging his classmates - namely Momoi and Kuroko, who would put him to work if he was caught slacking. It was quiet on the roof, too, a perfect place to think.

And he had a lot to think about lately. Like Kise and his intentions toward Kuroko.

At first, he had thought the blonde had been aiming for Momoi: she was cute, knew what it took to get a ball in a hoop (if only in statistics), and she had a C cup. What more could a basketball-minded guy want in a girl? Kise had seemed to notice, at any rate, and talked to her often. Aomine asked Momoi about it later and he found out quickly that Kise was asking about Kuroko. No wonder they could talk for hours; they were swapping stories about his Shadow.

The problems started after that. Slowly, but surely, Kise grew bold. There were lingering touches during breaks, wistful staring on Kise’s part, and then the new guy tried something in the showers. Aomine had glared so spitefully that day that his teammate had gotten the message loud and clear: Don’t touch. And Kise’s hand had fallen short of its intended destination. Probably Kuroko’s hair, since the blonde was too much of a damned prude to do much else.

He kept a closer eye on the two of them once that happened, and he left no opportunities for them to be alone. He wasn’t going to take any chances, lest Kise attempt something that wasn’t so innocent.

Kuroko was the type of person that didn’t confront someone without good cause, and likely wouldn’t resist unless he felt uncomfortable. As much as he hated to admit it, Kuroko trusted Kise - he had seen it during some of their cooperative plays, when Kuroko had no other choice but to pass to Kise.

Kuroko depended on Kise. If Aomine wasn’t available for a pass, his eyes always instinctively sought out Kise. While Aomine liked the potential of his new teammate, and the challenge the blonde had become, there was still one thing that he couldn’t tolerate: and that was anyone laying a hand on what was his. Kuroko was his Shadow. Just like Momoi was his childhood friend.

No one was going to take them from him without a fight.

Leaning his back against the railing, he devised the best way to show this to Kise. He smirked when an idea occurred to him.


“Oi, Tetsu, how was yesterday’s visit to pretty boy’s work place?” Aomine asked during practice, when they were taking a break. He took a sip from his water bottle and waited.

Kuroko actually struggled for what to say; he could see it in his eyes. “It was … enlightening.”

Aomine decided then and there he was going to kill Kise. Kuroko had blushed. It was slight, barely there even, but it was enough to tell that something had happened.

“Did you get molested?” Aomine kept his tone even and didn’t allow the anger to spill over into his voice.

“I don’t think it’s called being molested if you enjoyed it,” corrected Kuroko, and then the shorter boy was mopping at the sweat pooled on his forehead and completely ignoring what he had just revealed. “Anyway, I have to ask Kise-kun something. Can we talk later?”

It wasn’t that easy to walk away from Aomine Daiki, though. “You’re not going anywhere, Tetsu.” And he made sure of that by grabbing hold of Kuroko’s arm and tugging him back. “Tell me what he did.”

“We kissed,” Kuroko stated bluntly. “And we’re going to do it again.” Aomine had thought he was prepared to hear something like that, but he wasn’t and he cringed. He was even more unprepared for when Kuroko asked, “Why? Did you want to watch, Aomine-kun?”

For a moment, he considered it - but then he made a face and decided, “No, I don’t, and don’t ask me that again. But let me ask you something, Tetsu. Do you actually think he cares about you?”

“If you are asking if he confessed, then yes, he did.” Kuroko finally started to struggle to free his arm. He probably knew what Aomine was going to ask next.

“And what did you say?”

The shorter boy didn’t answer, too focused on removing each of Aomine’s fingers, one by one. It was only when he had succeeded in obtaining his freedom that he said, “You don’t need to know that, Aomine-kun.”

Aomine wasn’t sure why, but that stung. Still, he had an ace up his sleeve and he planned to play it without any regrets now.


It was worth it when Kise walked into practice the following day and everyone fell silent. The players were stunned by the sight. Kise’s model good looks were marred by a bright red hand-print, right across his face.

The story went that his girlfriend had broken up with him - and violently - after finding out that she wasn’t Kise Ryota’s number one. If the rumors were to be believed, Kise was seeing someone else.

Aomine didn’t know how that had gotten out, really, but he couldn’t stop grinning long enough to feign innocence.

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