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Day #12 -

Title: Inheritance
Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Tsunade
Rating: G
Words: (+/-) 297
Summary: Tsunade thinks of the past and the present and which is most important.

If Tsunade could travel back in time, she would tell Dan that dreams never die. People died, not their dreams, and there would always be those to inherit what was left behind. She would tell him how much she had loved him. She would tell him that she was happy now. She would tell him goodbye.

If she could prevent one thing from the past, it would be the death of her little brother. She would have never given that accursed necklace to him. Nawaki had been too young and too full of life to just disappear like that on a battlefield. Gone. He was no longer there to goad his big sister, pull on her hair, or eagerly tell her about his day and how he was going to become Hokage one day. She had wanted, more than anything, to see him grow up.

But lately, when she looked at Naruto, she had a feeling she was seeing it without having to change anything. She had never been too big on the theory of reincarnation, but just this once, she let an absurd thought or two slip by unchecked.

If Tsunade had a choice to relive her past all over again, or to stay in the present, she knew she would choose the present - because reality wasn’t all bad these days.

And what could she say. Any bad luck for her meant less for her loved ones, and lately, that had become the whole village. Her new family. The family she had left behind. The family she was going to protect until her dying breath. Just like Dan and Nawaki would have.


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