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It was a nice day for swimming. There was just enough wind for boogie-boarding and the water was refreshingly cool, despite it already being August. And no sea nettles where we went today! That was a big plus. I have baseball practice later this evening, but for now, I am going to sit around, listen to some music, and play catch up with some things on my to-do list. Aka, I'm going to be a bum as I thoroughly enjoy my downtime before work tomorrow.

Also, have some fandom reactions~!


Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Chapter 5 - This new character, Karma, is a complete psycho. I wonder what caused him to hate teachers so much. He's got smarts, quick-wit, and impressive perception skills. Why is he in Class E? The students are sentenced to that class if they can't achieve the higher standards of learning set by their school. Besides the obvious answer: him being a psycho who gets a kick out of frightening people. I also want to know what it is about Nagisa that makes Karma not threaten him with bodily harm. Instead, they talk! Like bffs or something. Somehow, that's scarier than the assassination attempts.

There were more laugh out loud moments with Koro-sensei, despite Karma's dark presence in the class. Actually, it's because of Karma we get more lol moments. Like when the alien gets his gelato from Italy stolen. Or when he makes takoyaki from the stabbed octopus on his desk. I really like this new interpretation of an alien character. He's not trying to take over the world - just destroy it, and he even has a set date for it! He knows without a single doubt that he can do it, too. Yet he's made some kind of deal with the government so he can become a teacher of Class E, allowing the students a chance to kill him, if they can.

I can't wait to see where this story takes us. We'll have plenty of laughs to go with the crazy.

KHR, Chapters 395 and 396 - Enma, Tsuna, Basil tag team? I didn't know I wanted it until Amano delivered. And oh, Tsuna. You should have expected the Vindice to be prepared. They aren't the last boss for nothing. Though I didn't think this was how we would see Ginger Bread again. And lol, Vindice guy. "Oh no, you've destroyed my battler watch!" He's surprising honest; I would have expected him to use Tsuna's proximity against him or something, and I don't know - maybe smash his face in? Bad guys seem to like beating on Tsuna's face. As does Reborn. Maybe Amano had mercy on him.

On a side note, I still can't get over Byakuran's wings. Is he a fairy now?! But no, seriously, does he just walk around town with those things? Because that would be hilarious.

Back to the main story, though. Pffft, Gokudera is so blunt sometimes. "They're just selfish, egocentric bastards, Tenth!" And his face. Gokudera, I swear, has the best expressions and poses. In my totally biased opinion. But Ryohei, he was adorable too. "They extremely ... don't listen to you." It's been a while since we heard his extreme lines.

The next fight for Tsuna and company looks to be an interesting one. I wonder how the Vindice are going to use maracas and telephones to win.

Pandora Hearts, Chapter 75 - Oz is such a conflicted character. And this chapter shows it thoroughly. His nightmare about the first time his uncle got mad at him, slapping him, for example. But the reason he wanted the camera ... I bet it was to take a picture with Gil. Something like 'proof of existence', since Oz never felt like he belonged anywhere until then.

I hope Break has more tricks up his sleeve, because the situation is looking pretty bleak. And after what happened when Gilbert obeyed Leo/Oswald without a second thought, Oz could use someone on his side. Since, ya know, Oz is too self-sacrificing for his own good.

But finally! We get to meet the infamous father that allowed his son to be thrown into the abyss because he was Jack's reincarnation and B-Rabbit. Though I wonder how that works? Or does Oz's current body have some kind of other secret behind it? This manga, I swear, loves confusing the heck out of me - and yet, somehow, it never stops being awesome.

Kuroko no Basket, Chapter 176 - At last, we get to see what Akashi's team is made of, and Rakuzan proves its all about strategy with them. No surprises there, given how much Akashi likes shogi, but we get to see a bit of what the Uncrowned Generals can do this chapter. I'm curious as to how Hayama's dribble works, so I hope we get an explanation at the start of 177. But so far, this game is playing out like I thought it might. Akashi isn't about to use a trump card until he absolutely has to. Who knows, though, Midorima could surprise us and force Akashi's hand - there's still time for that! And I'll keep my fingers crossed for it. And I kind of want to write a Midorima/Akashi drabble now.


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