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Day #7 -

Title: Just Ask 2
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Characters: Aomine, Kise, Kuroko, Midorima
Rating: PG-13, boys kissing
Words: (+/-) 2413
Summary: It may not be happily ever after, but Kise will settle for once upon a time. Kise/Kuroko
Notes: Written as a sequel for Just Ask.

Kise cheerfully hummed under his breath. Today was a good day. He had a commercial to film later and his agent had given the okay to bring a friend. Not only that, he had time to stop by for practice and take Kuroko up on his offer to play some one-on-one. Things were looking up.

“Gemini should be on the lookout for vengeful spirits today.”

Midorima, he assumed, and he turned to give the person his attention. “I’ll keep that in mind, thanks.”

“Are you being haunted? If you are, there’s a shrine near my house,” someone that was definitely not Midorima deadpanned. It was that person who stole his attention, and he ignored the glasses-wearing boy in favor of his shorter teammate.

“I don’t remember seeing a shrine when I walked you home,” Kise pointed out on their way to practice. He noticed Midorima raise his eyebrows at that comment, to which Kise smirked and made a victory sign. Kuroko didn’t seem to care, one way or another, if Kise made strange comments or did strange things, so the blonde took the liberty of doing what he could, when he could. Though sometimes he crossed the line.

“We were right in front of it when I offered to hold your hand.” Kuroko was nonchalant about the whole thing, like it was normal to go around holding hands with teammates. Perhaps in Kuroko Land, it was.

In the sanctity of his own mind, Kise wondered what it would take to embarrass Kuroko Tetsuya. Ripped clothes? Bed hair? A sex scene in one of those stories of his? He certainly couldn’t remember a time when the boy had blushed - or a time he had looked anything but distant and serious. It was feasible to believe Kuroko didn’t know how to be embarrassed - and Kise absently wished he could live in Kuroko Land too.

He only realized he was daydreaming when Midorima elbowed him in the ribs. They were already in front of the gym. “You know what, Kise, I think that vengeful spirit may be closer than we originally thought.”

The pissed off face of Aomine Daiki agreed. “Who was holding hands with Kise? Satsuki was lying, wasn't she, Testu?” Ah, so that look was directed at Kuroko. He thanked his lucky stars and attempted Escape Plan A.

That plan was foiled when Midorima clamped a hand on his shoulder and pushed him forward. “Perhaps asking Kise about that would be the fastest route.” Kise really didn’t like the taunting grin that followed after he said that. Midorima was enjoying his plight a little too much.

At least they were outside. The gym was five feet away, but there weren’t too many spectators to watch his imminent demise. Aomine had been against Kuroko getting closer to him, so it was a logical conclusion to draw. Kise wasn’t sure if it was jealousy rearing its ugly head or not. Maybe it was some warped case of big brother syndrome that had Aomine so dead-set on keeping them apart.

“We didn’t do anything!” Kise insisted, and he held up his hands defensively to keep Aomine from unleashing that fury on him. “Nothing happened!” Since the star player didn’t appear convinced, Kise resorted to foul tactics. “Momoi had her first kiss stolen last week in the library!” The mistake he made was glancing at Kuroko. There was a hint of surprise and he actually seemed interested. Kuroko had only been interested in basketball before.

Kise could have cried. His diversion had proved useless. Worse than useless: it had worked against him. The score was probably Momoi: 100 and Kise: 0. He was curious, however, as to why Aomine didn’t react violently to his comment about Momoi. Either he had misjudged their relationship or -

“I already beat the crap out of that guy.” Yes, that. “Now explain, Kise, before I rearrange your face.”

That didn’t sound too appealing. “Well, you see …”

“I don’t dislike Kise-kun,” Kuroko flat-out admitted, “so I don’t see why I can’t hold hands with him.”

This is why I didn’t want to leave you two alone!”

“Because you want me to hold your hand instead?” suggested Kuroko. Aomine flushed and tried to form words, but all that came out was an odd spluttering sound.

“I like women,” Aomine stressed. “You should too.”

“I like Momoi-san.” Kise had been watching the back-and-forth between the two in amusement until he heard that. Now he was too busy mourning the fate of his heart. So it was don’t dislike for him but like for Momoi? There went another two points for Momoi. “And Kise-kun has pretty hair, like a woman.”

He heard Midorima snort and sent the other boy a scathing look. A backhanded compliment, he childishly reasoned, was better than none at all.

After a long pause, Aomine said, “I give up. If he molests you, it’s your own damn fault, Tetsu.” Then he stalked back into the gym and that was the end of that. Midorima seemed disappointed it was over, while Kuroko remained unfazed.

For Kise, he plotted revenge in the dark depths of his mind. He would start with Kuroko.


Two hours later, when practice was finished, Kise had devised the most ingenious plan.

First, he had to ensure Kuroko would accompany him to the commercial shooting like he wanted. “Kurokocchi, are you busy tonight?” They were in the changing room, alone, and Kuroko didn’t find anything wrong with it - despite Aomine’s molestation comment from earlier. He declared that a two-point slam dunk and re-tallied the score. Momoi: 102, Kise: 2. He was holding out for a come-back victory.

“You want another one-on-one game?” Kuroko hazarded a guess, puppy eyes trained on Kise.

The blonde made a show of stripping out of his shirt just to gauge Kuroko's reaction. There wasn't one. “No, I'll make good on that promise later. Rather, I was thinking … would you like to see where I work?” He very carefully did not look when Kuroko changed out his gym shorts.

“All right. As long as we aren’t out too late.” He supposed, like other teenagers, Kuroko had a curfew.

“I won’t keep you -” He stopped before he said past your bedtime, because he knew Kuroko wouldn’t take a jest like that well. “If you have to leave, just let me know.”

“You don’t shower before work?” Kuroko commented flippantly, changing the subject.

“I don’t have time. I’ll wash off at the studio,” explained Kise. “It’s mostly rehearsal today.”

The shorter boy nodded and shut his locker. “Well, I’m done. I’ll wait outside for you.”

Shrugging on his uniform jacket, Kise couldn’t contain his smile. It probably didn't count as a date, but he was spending time with Kuroko. And that was time well spent, in his opinion.


“Cut, cut!” the director shouted, and then he mumbled about models turned wanna-be actors under his breath. “What is wrong with you, Ryota? Your audition was worth one-hundred percent, and now you’re giving us fifty?”

Kise winced at the use of his first name, but bowed his head in shame. “I apologize. Is it all right if I run lines until I’ve calmed down? I-I think it’s nerves.”

The director waved him away. “You’ve got ten minutes. Get yourself together. I don’t want to hear a single excuse when you get back.”

Flashing his award-winning smile, Kise thanked the man and then made a bee-line for his patiently waiting friend near the back of the studio. “Sorry, Kuroko, but I'm going to have to ask a favor of you.”

“Yes?” The other boy tilted his head in a gesture that was reminiscent of an actual puppy, maximizing the comparison.

“Run lines with me,” Kise pleaded. “This is my first acting job and … I’m not sure I can do it.”

The look in Kuroko’s eyes softened immediately and the boy held out a hand, waiting. “Do you have a script?”

Kise pulled one out of his back pocket and unrolled it. “Here. Let’s go to my dressing room down the hall.”

Nothing odd, nothing strange. Not to Kuroko, anyway.


Kuroko appeared dubious without appearing dubious at all. “Do I really have to say this, Kise-kun?”

“Yes.” Kise was in serious mode and refused to compromise. While it had been a lie that he was nervous about his first acting job, he had a one-track mind when it came to something he loved. He loved his job. He loved basketball. He loved … Kuroko Tetsuya. “Say it.”

A faint red dusted Kuroko’s pale cheeks. “I can’t.”

“You mean, you won’t.” Kise put on the saddest face he could manage, whilst inwardly cheering at the small success of making the other boy blush.

“Fine.” Kuroko took a deep breath and then began, accentuating both words, almost purposefully, “Kiss me.”

“You only had to ask.” Kise leaned forward, as if to comply, and then a hand was in his face and he was pushed away.

“Kise-kun, what exactly is this commercial trying to sell?”

“Right now? Me.” He grabbed a hold of Kuroko’s wrist and tugged the shorter boy closer. After that, he continued with the script - a self-made script that he had invented back in the gym. “I’ve loved you for the longest time.” He placed a finger under Kuroko’s chin and tilted his head upwards. The blush had faded, much to his chagrin, but he didn’t dislike the way Kuroko parted his lips, as if to ask a question.

And he didn’t dislike the feather-light touch to his arm, the light tug on his shirt, or the shimmer in Kuroko’s blue eyes that said more than Kuroko usually said in a day. This moment was perfect. A stolen moment that would last a lifetime. He lowered his head and pressed his lips to Kuroko’s. Fleeting, not technically a kiss, but that was how he wanted to start. He pulled back and gave Kuroko time to look at the script.

“You call that a kiss,” Kuroko’s voice was lower than it should have been and it had a restrained edge to it. “I can do better.” He shook off Kise’s hold his arm and stood on his tip-toes to tangle his fingers in the blonde hair he had called pretty. Kise didn’t have a chance to say his own line, “I’d like to see some proof,” because Kuroko’s lips were back on his and there were teeth knocking against his and a curious tongue running along his bottom lip. It was riddled with inexperience and fueled with an emotion Kise couldn’t place, but none of that mattered because it was Kuroko kissing him and he hadn’t thought it would happen and it now was and his thoughts were jumbled together in one big mess.

It was short-lived, much too short. Kuroko had retracted his hands as fast as he made a pass and put space between them before Kise could even consider kissing back. Then he had the nerve to ask, “Is that enough practice, Kise-kun?”

No, it was not. Without regards to the consequences, he knocked the script out of Kuroko’s hands and kissed him again, fierce and indelicate as he claimed those lips for his own. Kuroko didn’t respond until he bit down on his bottom lip in retaliation. A small gasp was just what he wanted to hear before he soothed away the pain with his tongue. He didn’t go any further, forcing himself to stop and break for air.

“That wasn’t in the script,” Kuroko observed.

“No, but I can I help it if I wish it was?”

“You lied to me,” Kuroko went on, unrelenting.

Kise placed a hand behind his teammate’s neck and played with the short, blue strands of hair he could reach. “Yet you’re still here.”

“I don’t dislike you enough to leave without hearing why you lied.”

As confusing as that was, Kise understood the gist of it. “I don’t know. I do stupid things. Why do you let me? Why not stop me?”

“You wouldn‘t be Kise-kun if you didn‘t do foolish things.” It was hardly there, but Kuroko was smiling.

“And?” Kuroko remained silent. “That’s all? No reaction to me kissing you or lying to you. Just what am I to you, Kurokocchi?” He whispered that last part, not sure if he wanted to hear the answer or not.

Kuroko removed Kise’s hand and laced their fingers together in a parody of yesterday’s hand holding. “Like I said, I don’t dislike you. We’re not friends.” Kise flinched, but he forced himself to listen to the end. “You’re childish and bothersome.” Kuroko was blunt; there was no helping that. “And you make me uncomfortable sometimes.” That was the truth of it, in a nutshell. This had been a mistake. “I’m not done, Kise-kun, don’t give me that look. You’re strange and foolish, but you’re also smart and kind and … I kind of like the you that makes me uncomfortable. I trust you. If you want to kiss me, you can.”

Kise blinked, pretty sure this was a hallucination of some sort, but Kuroko didn’t disappear and the hold on his hand never wavered. Reality then; a blessedly sweet reality. Kuroko was his. He tackled the shorter boy to the floor and showered his face in kisses, earning a shout of Get off me! from Kuroko. He ignored it splendidly and straddled the other boy, eager to try out a lot of things and see how far he could go.

The answer to that was not very far. Kuroko used two fingers to poke him in the eyes and wriggled out from under him during the pain that ensued. A knock at the door told him his ten minutes were up and he told the person he would be there soon. He left out the part about having to wait for his eyesight to return so he could see the doorknob. No one needed to know.

His stumbling around earned him one benefit, though: Kuroko took pity on him and looped an arm around his waist. “Did I blind you?” questioned Kuroko, deadpan once more.

“No, but let me lean on you anyway.”

Kuroko didn’t object, but he did have something to say. “Kise-kun, I want to try kissing in the library.”

He figured that left him at the final score of Kise: 1,000, Momoi: 102, Library: 1,000,000. It would have to do, because he wasn’t saying no to that request.

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